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Reflection on Eng1101 Project#1

I thought this project was pretty fun and easy to complete because it’s mostly about myself. Writing about yourself is a very simple assignment but there’s a limit, so, there’s not a lot of rambling. Surprisly I learned more about myself as an artist and other’s passions. It was very interesting to read other’s drafts to know about them.

I was pretty proud of all of it. But I would say my bio is the one thing I’m sort proud of. It’s starts to make the reader know the a little important stuff about me. So the bio is a important starter point to me. Anyway, I thought the feedbacks/comments from my fellow classmates was really helpful because without that I wouldn’t know if my draft need Provements or if it was fine enough.

Honestly, I would say this project took me 3 or 4 hours in total to do everything. It wasn’t that hard but thinking about what to write about was the hard part. The outline of my draft actually took the most time to do because I didn’t know what to write about for 30 mins. Yep, for 30 mins. Writers block to its fullest.

For the next project will be sort of longer for me to complete. But I’ll try not to think about it as long it’s going to take me, but how well it’ll turn out.

Summary of Project #1

Project#1  was mostly for us to have the chance to introduce ourselves and share our personally interests/goals. There were a few steps to do this project correctly in 4 paragraphs. First paragraph,  We need to have a bio, which is about yourself or what you’re deeply passionate or interested in. The professor requested that we add our bio in our profile, so, others can read and get to know more about the person. Second, put our official profile picture or as professor states, “avatar” that represents who we are and personality. Need enough details and explain how the image represents you. Third, have consideration on how the image can be interpreted differently. Like how can someone might understand your picture differently than what you mean. Fourth,  share what’s completed image will convey about you overall.

All of these have to be posted on our eportfolio, catorgarized as ENG1101 Project#1.

Project #1 : Reflecting

As I read my comments was very relieved to see how my draft turned out pretty well. One of the comments made me smile the most when it read that it really made that person think more about their draft and try to approve their draft. I wanted the reader to know me and I did just that without rambling and going off topic. I wanted it to be clear for the readers. I’m glad that they enjoyed reading it. But I thought I needed to fix something’s. Oh well. I didn’t want this to be dull and uninteresting to anyone. I did a lot of writing in the past so I would say I can make it pretty eye-catching to the reader. I’m not trying to brag but it’s the truth.  Well, I’m glad and relieved from those positive and honest comments 🙂


Project #1: Introducing Yourself (Draft & revised)

      Hi, I would like to explain more into what I’m deeply passionate about and that is art. I feel that i can’t live without it. I think if i never was introduced in drawing or observe any other art work, my mind/thoughts/ideas would be boring and uncreative. It starts with a pencil onto paper and just letting the ideas flow out on the paper. Its fun and amazing experience.  Anyway, I don’t really know what i see as my design aesthetic because I never really thought about it as I work on a drawing. But I’ll certainly think about it more and will put it here. In five years, I see myself as in as an art teacher for middle schoolers and teaching them the ways of art and inspire them to wanting to know more. Plus, i know i won’t be boring in the topic, it’s all going to be fun.

      Well, of course, most of you don’t know me  and I don’t know you, but you can figure out specific details in my image/profile. It would be kind of hard to point some out at first because I don’t have the “best” background to make a clue of what i’m interested in. And No, my favorite color isn’t yellow haha because its the background. I will call out some of them to shine some light to all of you. First, i’m wearing a wine color beanie. I love wearing hats, but mostly beanies. I wear them to hide my hair cause i don’t feel right when my hair is down. Sometimes i don’t wear them, but i mostly do. It might be weird to you, but it doesn’t stop me from wearing it. It makes me comfortable and its like apart of me in a non-weird way. Second, I’m wearing a black & white poka dotted collared shirts. I like these types of shirts and the dots because to me, it shows that i’m sort of preppy with the collar and the poka dots represents the fun and silly personality. Also, i just love black and white because it’s simple and i’m a simple person.  Therefore, this image represents me as being a simple, fun, silly, and hat lover, which is interesting, right?

     Obviously, the image can be misinterpreted and see way differently than what i see.  If someone might understand it differently than i intended, it’s totally understandable. They would see that my favorite is yellow or i don’t look silly, but shy. I might agree with those thoughts and might not, but thats how life is. We can’t be 100% about certain things, even if we think we are.

    Finally, I will explain what my profile will covey about me overall.  I would say  passionate and independent but mostly independent. I’m alone and not much to really figure out to help express myself. I don’t like to rely on others to help me do what things in life. I want to learn more about myself and what new things I can be intrigued by. Also, to express myself in my own way on my outer shell than copy or follow others. Overall, this matters because having that type of attitude will guide me to my goals and become successful in life.