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Project#2: Topographies: Animated Gif Mashup

Took an hour to complete.
Took an hour to complete. No Sound


I’ve been having a hard time doing this project for a long time. Even though this project is way over due, I was happy enough to get the chance to finish it. (thanks, Prof. Spevack). I didn’t really enjoy this project because i dont have any experience with photoshop or making a gif. It’s awesome to do something new, but this wasn’t the type of thing i would do in the future. But i learned that I need to stop complaining and do whatever to finish everything.

Aural Topographies: Research

It was hard for me to draw what I hear in some songs that I enjoy, but I finally found one that’s more smooth and soothing by Celine Dion. Her voice and the music helped me visual picture more. At first I can see wavy and soft lines and small hills forming when she hits her soft high note. The sound does have the same beat and the pattern doesn’t change as she sings with the music.

As I said before, the soft wavy lines are short and more expanded as the music plays in the beginning of the song. Then gets longer with the waves becoming closer together, but not sharp at all. Also, solid lines when things become silent. When the music picks up, not too loud, there are medium sized circles in the middle of the picture. That represents the bass or the drums. As the music fades at the end, the lines fades as well.  It’s more of a Legato song.