Why I chose this location

You would ask why I chose this subject or location in particular because where I stand from where I’m standing in the middle of Colden Street, on the corner of  State Street, I can see how the area of where the court buildings and law school and where I stood overlapped in someway that made me more interested.  From seeing the other area is busy and in rush compared to the more relaxed one.  The people and cars rushes passing through the street to  court or work and then on the other side the people are smiling and having a good time as they go to hang out to shop at convenient stores or go to a restaurant. The two areas are their own New York. Both different in many ways.

Anyway, there’s a old theater that I stand in  front of that people still use. The theater doesn’t seems just “old”, but historical in this area of Brooklyn. I wonder as i look at the modernized buildings surrounding this wise & old one if they were here when it was built or what other buildings were here before they vanished.  It’s a mystery to me.  But I know that this building will vanish as well with or without warning even if we walk passed it everyday. Even from Colson Whitehead argues in the reading, “City Limits”, that we won’t get the chance to say out last goodbyes to the buildings we known for so long  from the 8th paragraph. But Colson never made his goodbyes either because he thought that those buildings will always be there, but it didn’t stop him from believing they’re existence is still there. The thing that shocks me is that the theater will be relocated and it will change. This building will be different and modernized like the rest. It will disappear from a blink of an eye if new or old people want to visit it. Also, the old liking court building that stand mighty and tall in the beginning of Colden St., shows that will be there as long as people use it and acknowledge its existence. It’s outer shell looks reinvented from a far, but it won’t be forgotten. Colson states, “The disappeared pizza parlor is still here because you are here, and when the beauty  parlor replaces the travel and agency, the gentleman who still have his vacation and that lady will have her manicure.” If these two old buildings are gone, they still there because you still believe that it never left. “Our old buildings still stand because  we saw them, moved in and out of their longshadows lucky enough to know them for a time. They are a part of the city we carry around.”, Colson argues  from the second to last paragraph  in the reading. The theater and the court building will be there when others see that they vanished but I know they are still there.

I never went inside the theater or the court building because I don’t live around this area or in Brooklyn in general, but I can still include this in my own New York. Even if we see things go away before our eyes, we should never forget what was there in the first place that made the are what it is now.

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  1. This is a great interpretation of the area around you, you made good use of the lines from Whitehead’s passage to further explain the movie theater and its significance to you and your location. good work 🙂

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