A View From My Window : Research

It’s 7 in the morning and it’s a perfect opportunity to describe what I see through my window. Obviously, the sun is still rising, but I can’t really see it rise because it’s blocked by the trees and houses. But. At 6 something a.m. , I can see the colors of the sky change within the two hours. The blending of the colors that appear and the outlines of the clouds sometimes. The colors usually look purplish, orange, reddish, yellowish, or a little pink. It’s amazing to witness how the darkness of the sky transforms with popping of gorgeous colors. Anyway, in the same direction of where I can see the sky are the tallest trees on my street. I would say they’re in my neighbor’s backyards, whom are across the street from my house. I’m shocked til this day by how those trees stayed put through the mighty storms throughout the years. Even shocked that they weren’t cut down because of how tall they are and that can lead to danger of them falling on to the houses. But I HOPE that doesn’t happen. EVER.

Today is pretty windy, so, I can watch the branches sway side to side, left to right slowly or wild like. With the sun still rising, I can see the outline around them better and the details of the inside more from the sunlight poking through it. Moving on, I can see the tannish color side wall of my next door neighbor’s house and part of his concrete front yard. The wall has a long on-going parallel lines which it looks like a rectangle from here. I even see one of my across the street neighbors (that’s in the same view of where the trees are). The house is light blueish that has the same triangle and square structure design as the other houses on my street. Plus,  I can clearly see the cable wires cut between the tan and blue house. Sometimes you can spot a squirrel running along the thin wires. I would say i can enjoy staring pass this window at time to time.

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  1. From reading your description I see that you able to point out what you see in your window. I like how you were able to give information about the colors and shape. You were able give a great description, you were able to make the reader imagine it.

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