Homework 1.2

 In my opinion I think reading like a writer means to take into account what the author’s purpose was for writing the text and their purpose for their literary devices. This can also include thinking about what the author is trying to show you and make you visualize through their text. In the text, “How To Read Like a Writer”, Mike Bunn shows many ways to help the reader to read like a writer. In the text, Mike says ”You are already an author”, he may mean that since our daily lives revolve around technology, we can’t do anything without writing it out first. This can be backed up with basic knowledge, in order to learn in a classroom you need to write down in your notebook. Another example could be if you want to make an outline of an invention, idea, or plan you need to write. Mike could also mean since we write essays in high school and college, we can already be considered as an author. These experiences can also help me in college because some assignments and reports may call for you to read like a writer. This will in turn help our writing and annotations to sound more professional and deeply grasp what the author is trying to say. While reading, I noticed some literary devices that helped shape this text into the goal image that the author had in his mind. Some aspects I noticed was how he constantly used multiple inputs that came from a variety of sources. Some sources came from his students, quotes from old poets, and even things from his past experiences. This adds more credibility to the topic that the author is trying to inform the reader about. Another thing I noticed is that Mike used questions at titles for different parts of the text, and answered these questions throughout the section in different ways. This helps sell the point to the readers and goes into depth about the topic at hand.

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