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Chapter 5 – Learning Strategies

Students can apply these principles right away.  This does not have to be successful right away.  If students simply breakdown study sessions into 1 hour sections with breaks every 15 minutes, they could experience less burnout.  Furthermore, homeworks don’t have to be perfect the first time around.  Mistakes are learning strategies, too.

Chapter 6 – Mindset Matters

This is an insightful look at how we draw conclusions about learning and whether or not we or any student can succeed in material.  The concept of “beginners mind” really works in this case.  One such example is from the PE engineering exam where I can distinctly remember how a strength can become a weakness and vice versa.  Much of the material that I wasn’t familiar with was easier to grasp at the learning level because I had now preconceived notions.  Conversely, material I had extensive knowledge about was very tricky.

Chapter 4 – Teaching Bloom’s Taxonomy

Students can really take off with the study cycle McGuire presents.  We can spend hours trying to memorize material or apply the material without success if we don’t have the proper incentive.  Why not build your own incentive?  One hour of lessons should have breaks every 15 minutes.  It doesn’t have to mean giving up after 15 minutes, but way to decompress and reabsorb all of the information.  Then look at it with fresh eyes.


Most students (and teachers) can identify with this even before reading it’s definition.  We can draw similar scenarios whenever we absolutely needed to learn anything in very short order.  We can literally assign keywords, mnemonic devices, or catch phrases to learn just about anything.