6.2 Defining Internet Addiction

By Wednesday night, please post your definition of internet addiction (IA).  Explain why you’ve defined IA as you have.  If you don’t believe internet overuse should be considered an addiction, you can write a paragraph explaining your reasons instead of a definition.

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  1. Internet Addiction:
    The excessive use of the internet resulting in
    – restlessness
    -not being able to stop thinking about what your going to do on it next or how you will feel when your on it. (Yearning to use it every time.)

    Reason: I defined Internet Addiction this way because i feel like the definitions we read about from Dr.Jerald Block and the questions from netaddiction.com were a bit too dramatic for my liking. An addiction, according to google, is a dependency, a problem, or a habit. Using something excessively is a habit but using it because its easier for you rather than using a blackboard, for example, is not saying that you have an addiction. It just means that the internet just makes it easier. I stated that a result of being addicted to the internet was restlessness and constantly yearning to be on it. I agreed with Dr. Jerald there because it is true. For instance, in some way Lamont (one of my classmates), could be considered a interned addict because he stated that due to his excessive use of the internet he wasn’t able to go to school most of the time because he would eventually be too tired to wake up. If Lamont wasn’t an addict, he would know when to put the phone or computer down to get some sleep but he chose not to, several times btw. To me, that proves my point of someone being addicted to the internet, not the other stuff.

  2. Internet Addiction is when someone is so absorbed into their use of the internet, that it starts to affect their lives such as academics, social life, and maybe even family. I defined internet addiction this way because an “addiction” is an overuse of something to where it starts to affect you mentally and/or physically. I disagree with Dr. Block’s definition of internet addiction because there can be valid reasons why someone would use the internet as much as he describes. For example: If someone had a job that requires them to work on multiple programs at a certain time, you would always need a strong, more capable PC in order to complete those tasks. Would you try to run specific programs on a computer that take 20 minutes to open up the internet browser? I know I wouldn’t.

  3. Internet Addiction:
    Constant use of any type internet connection to were it affects the mental state of a person severely. They soon start to lose their will to stop even if they wanted to.

    I choose this definition base on how tech and the internet have become a big impact on our daily lives. That being said defining internet addiction by just the amount of time on it sounds silly since there are jobs focus on being on the internet. Addiction is a urged of an action that is extremely hard to stop physical and mental. Their bodies grow accustomed to it at feeling complete off without the action.

  4. I believe internet addiction can best be defined as any online- related compulsive behavior. Symptoms of internet behavior include restlessness, inability to socialize, and excessive inactivity.

    I chose this definition of internet addiction because I believe it has an overall description of what internet addiction is and how to spot it. Although it is a general definition it hits key points to what it could possibly mean.

  5. I feel like internet addiction is you love being on your phone or on any social media app all the time. It can get up to the point you don’t even regular text your friends or family, you text through social media.

    Also internet addiction can be describe as being on the internet so much it can hinder your normal life. For example communicating only from the internet, losing family time, friends time, and time for yourself.

  6. My definition of Internet addiction is when a person is obsessed with his/her phone, computer, or any device that can give you access to the Internet. This obsession may cause interferences with their everyday life, which causes stress to their family and friends. One reason someone may be addicted to the Internet is by developing an emotional attachment to online friends and activities they create on the Internet.

    The reason I defined Internet addiction this way is because I feel like people are in denial of their Internet addiction. For instance, people who are on the Internet every hour, day by day, should not say they don’t have an Internet addiction. It is very clear you are obsessed with the Internet. Now unless your job consists of being on the Internet then you shall be excused but other wise if you are on the Internet more than 15 hours a day, you may have an addiction to the Internet.

  7. Internet addiction can be defined as using the internet/social media for large consecutive periods of time (like 13-17 hours a day), and having a feeling of emptiness without a cellphone, or wifi. Our cellphones are a mini representation of who we are, from our playlist to who we follow on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… Without the internet, I wouldn’t have been able to reach level 33 on Reddit in a span of a month or two. On there, I can freely ask questions in like-minded communities that for the most part are understanding, and read posts from other users. In all honesty, the only case in which you would see me using the term “Internet Addiction” is for those kids who die for playing “Runescape” for days on end running on energy drinks, and no sleep. Additionally, if you’re one of those assholes who decides you have nothing better to do with their time and troll, then you have to find something better to do on your free time.

  8. Internet addiction is when you overuse the internet and stop doing and not spending time with the outside world.
    – Personally I use to be internet addicted, I used to play video games for hours and hours, my parents used to tell me to stop because it was ruining me and making me useless. Using the internet too much four un-usefull things can brainwash you and make you not want to do anything and makes you lazy

  9. I believe that internet addiction is excessive use of the internet. Which basically means using social media a lot and Watching videos like on youtube and texting and stuff like th hat or games .
    I believe this is what it means because this is exactly how I am . Especially with games I used to play a lot but it got boring for me . I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and that uses the internet. I told my mom to cut off the cable because I don’t even watch tv anymore all I need is the wifi .

  10. My interpretation of internet addiction is using the internet more than needed. Someone who have to constantly look at their screen wether the are on social media or on another site/app. I can say that I am addicted to the internet or was because of the recent changes I have made. Before It felt like impulsive decisions to look at my screen even if i didn’t plan on doing anything on my phone. Also having mood swings or feeling irritated because you have haven’t looked at your phone for a while.

  11. internet addiction is the excessive use of the internet. if you allow the internet to affect sleep or face to face interaction, you may be addicted to the internet.

  12. Internet addiction is simply the excessive overuse and abuse of the internet and its resources. If you can be addicted to alcohol, you can be addicted to the internet. For example, I myself tend to spend hours on end surfing the web, mostly out of curiosity and a desire to seek new ideas and virtual resources, and my intensive use classifies me as an addict. Internet overuse in and of itself doesn’t diagnose you as an internet addict. Internet overuse AND abuse, however, is a different story.

  13. Internet addiction is as real as an addiction to drugs. People can lose weight, get sick, and lose jobs from using the internet so much. they use the internet so much that they forget about real life problems, and tend to let their real lives become chaos. Internet addiction has mainly affected teenagers, or young adults in my opinion. Myself as an example, i tend to find myself spending hours just binge watching different shows online. Would i say i have an addiction? Maybe a mild one lol

  14. Addiction is a condition that results when a person engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continuation of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary responsibilities and concerns.

    The internet is not a luxury, at this point its a necessity. that being said you can still reach a point where it becomes excessive, and in due time, can or will become a quintessential addiction.

  15. Here’s my own definition of internet addiction:

    Internet addiction: it is when a person overuses their digital device, by which they are always on it and cannot let go of it. This includes being on social media for a long period of time, most of their day was wasted by being on their device, and they are on it at unreasonable times of the day.

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