16.1 Reflection

For Tuesday, please read the final text in the Unit 2 packet: Gloria Naylor’s “A Word’s Meaning Can Often Depend on Who Says It.”

On the blog, please post a reflection on this semester.  Thinking back over the past several months of this course, what moments stand out to you and why?  Were there particular assignments were you most engaged by?  Were there particular moments in the course where you found yourself frustrated?  Have you noticed any changes in the way you write, read, or think?  This is open-ended, but do please explain your responses!

9 thoughts on “16.1 Reflection”

  1. This course was AMAZING. It was a completely different approach to an English class for the better. The topics kept me engaged and provoked a lot of critical thinking on subjects that had a lot or some interest in. Most importantly, the discussions gave me different views on something that may be controversial or something that may be trivial. But never the less, The assignments that were given were really interesting that I actually wanted to do them but procrastination says otherwise. The discussions we would have always intrigued me whether it was something that was familiar or not. I would Like to have this professor again.

  2. This course exceeded my expectations. English classes are usually boring to me because I usually have to read and write endlessly in a cold room that’s quiet and dreary. This English class was different though. We watched movies and had interesting discussions. There was no topic that was off limits. I got less of a classroom vibe and more of a chill forum vibe from English 1101.
    One of the moments that stood out to me was the screening of the film “Her.” The guy having phone sex with his computer was funny, but he was totally bugging.
    I’d say that now I write with more attention to detail and with a more extensive vocabulary. I always knew there was a difference between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions though I never really knew what it was.

  3. This course has taught me to be mindful of how i write in terms of papers. This course was very insightful and not like the usual English class with boring reading assignments. You also helped with the writing assignments allowing multiple drafts to help us revise our coursework the right way. This course wasn’t easy for me due to working 16 hours then having to come to class. Frustration wasn’t even the word. I am more mindful of how i write when doing school assignments, and making sure that my work make sense, and has the right flow.

  4. Topics : Relevant, mostly interesting

    Essay assignments : Fair, Stimulating

    Pacing : Half the class was usually flat lining. class not contributing = sluggish pacing.

    Course was good, The roster was just lacking of any inspiration.

  5. I was surprised how much I would like this course this semester. Back in high school my English classes was all about reading books, and texts then talk about it for one day. After that is done we take a test and more on. This course very different in my eyes. The bests moment is when we have our class decisions and everyone is involved within the conversation. The first essay I found the most interesting. This is because the essay was about me telling a story which I haven’t done before. I really enjoyed everything within this class.

  6. This semester was pretty good overall. I learned a lot new things about technology and how it affects our everyday life . The essays were very interesting because i feel it was essays that you dont usually get. For example the second essay. I thought it was gonna be the usual research essay but it was actually a story about how you researched your topics which was very interesting. The blog posts were pretty cool because we engaged as a class a lot talking about them.

  7. I really really (really) enjoyed this course. By far was it really fun and entertaining. This whole course regarding social media (and millenials) has made me more open minded on these topics. I have also learned how to write essays more fluently- believe it or not. Also the discussions in class were entertaining and to be able to hear other people’s point of views was really interesting for me to listen to. I have no cons for this course throughout the semester. It was that enjoyable that I would always look foward to coming to class. I feel like I’m typing a Yelp review so I’ll end this with a rating. 5/5.

  8. I’ve always hated Literature. This course has changed my mind. I’ve learned a lot like semi colon, conjugating conjunction, fragments. My favorite assignment has to be the first essay; I had to think back about personal experiences with online and offline conversations. Also, I was never good at creating essay. This class has drastically improved my writing, thinking, and analyzing skills. Every subject we talked about was fairly interesting. If I see you on ratemyprofessor, I’m giving you a good score.

  9. Honestly, I can say that I was a bit nervous in taking this class because my experience with English teachers has always been harsh but I enjoyed this course. It wasn’t inly about giving us information for us to walk away with but you actually taught in depth. I took more home than just a grade but rather an insight of who I want to be as a writer. I can see that my writing has become better, because now I have more ways to express myself, and my reading is definitely getting there. You have shown me many different reading styles that I believe my next English class can even learn from if they haven’t already learnt it from you. I have experienced frustration in this class before but that was only because I probably was lost at times, especially with essay 2. I really had no clue what to do but I didn’t want you to see that so I pulled through. Overall, this was the best class I had this semester.

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