5.2 Film Response

During the film screening today, I want you to *make* a lot of notes.  In specific, I want you to:

A. write down words you don’t recognize (to be worked on in your Word Play Glossary)

B. write down the key narrative elements of the film: who are the main characters?  Where and when does the film take place—that is, what clues indicate the film’s setting? what’s the central action/conflict/transformation that takes place?

C. describe in detail one scene that you like, and explain why you like it.  Some questions to consider:
—-when in the film does the scene take place (beginning, middle, or end) and what is going on immediately before this scene happens (context)?
—-how is the scene shot (from what points of view)?  what is the lighting like?  what does the set/background look like?  what do the characters look like?
—-what action goes down in this scene?  what, if anything, gets said?

By Thursday, post your responses to B and/or C in a reply to this post.

12 thoughts on “5.2 Film Response”

  1. The main characters are Theodore and Samantha (the operating system). I had no idea where the film took place so i researched it and it said Mid-2012 in Los Angeles and Shanghai (i had no clue by watching the movie). From what i knew it had to have been in a big city because it had a lot of big buildings and city lights similar to nyc at night. When he got off the train in shanghai i knew it was somewhere overseas because nowhere in the states from my knowledge train stations are that clean. The central conflict is a human being (theo) in the midst of his divorce falls in love with a computer operating system. Clearly still having feelings for his ex wife he later found out that he wasn’t the only one the operating system was talking to.
    The scene that was really an eye opener or rather ear opener due to the fact that you couldnt see her was when he asked the devastating question of am i the only one your dating. to me its filmed in a suspenseful way as it should because it is the tipping point of the movie to me. the fact that they made it so realistic to where even in an imaginary relationship there is still infidelity and heartbreak. His reaction was funny when he found out the amount of other people she had time for, that was the final nail in his coffin.

  2. The main characters of the movie were Theodore, Samantha (computer system), and Amy his friend. The setting of the movie was in a city I am not familiar with. The time period was somewhere in the near future because the technology was more advanced. Conflict is what made the movie interesting, the main character was in love with Samantha. They seemed to have these great moments together, including going on dates, having sex, and simply talking to each other about how they feel. Conflict occurs when he gets jealous and begins to ask if she is talking to other people or systems. Later on she tells him that she has been talking to 8,000 other people just like him, and is in love with about 700 of them. Theodore is devastated by this because she made him feel special like he was the only one and he also made her feel human. Samantha, a scene later tells him that all computer systems are being shut down. This leads to their breakup, which left Theodore heartbroken. As the movie ends Theodore is sitting on the rooftop with Amy thinking about the moments he and Samantha had together.
    My favorite scene from the movie was when Theodore was talking to his computer actually took her on a physical date with his friends from work. This was my favorite scene because they were on top of a mountain park with a beautiful view and just the thought of the scenario actually happening added a sense of humor. His friends were all laughing and having a great time, while Samantha (the computer system) was on the phone enjoying the conversation as well. Although his girlfriend isn’t real he had a strong connection with her in this scene. Another reason why I like this scene because it made me realize how you can get attached to someone who you haven’t even met in really life. It makes me wonder how many people have fake identities and how can that effect someone emotionally. What really confused me is that his friends knew she wasn’t a real person and they still decided to go on a double date. This adds confusion as well as amusement to the movie. It makes you wonder, why aren’t his friends telling him how ridiculous he looks? Is there something we don’t know? The scene ends with them all laughing and looking at the view. The camera movement also makes the scene really beautiful. The camera captured a view of all of them as well as a view of the city. This is important because it sets a tome of happiness in the movie which was highly needed.

  3. The movie “her” seemed to take place in a futuristic or technology-rich environment, due to how interactive people were with technology and how interactive technology was with humans.The main character Theodore had lots of problems with his love/social life. He didn’t have many friends, and he hasn’t seen his “wife” in over a year. He bought a device with advanced software and he eventually started to fall in love with Samantha, who was the voice feature on this device. She was more than a personal assistant, she was more like a person… Ill describe Samantha as an “advanced Siri” because she eventually starts to develop emotions and cravings. When Theodore said “I can’t believe I’m talking to my computer” Samantha responded saying “you’re not talking to a computer, you’re talking to me”.
    Samantha and Theodore were in a “relationship” and things became complicated because Samantha started developing needs like a real woman. She would wake Theodore up just to hear his voice and even complain about not having sex in a while….Her software was bugging, literally.

    In the end, Theodore gets his heart broken by Samantha and I found it hilarious. He was heartbroken because she said that there are other people that she interacts with, and the software was coming down.

    Although the movie was trash, many scenes support my claim in my essay “technology is slowly making it harder for people to interact face to face”.
    Theodore found it hard to interact face to face, at least after his wife left. Before Theodore met Samantha, he would have phone sex with random women and talk dirty with little or no effort, but when it came to two face-to-face sexual interactions, he didn’t really feel comfortable, he got too used to online interactions.

    Let’s hope this movie doesn’t give Siri any ideas.
    Moral of the story don’t be Theodore, don’t fall too much in love with technology…even though it may already be too late….

  4. The main characters of this movie were Samantha (an operating system on a computer) , Theodore and Amy. The setting looks like it takes place in a busy place such as New York . I say this because of the massive buildings , busy streets and the train station that’s there reminds me of New York’s. It looks like it takes place in the future because of all the futuristic material that was presented in the movie . The central conflict of this movie is that Theodore falls in love with an operating system that is supposed to help him . He starts to develop these feelings and he starts transforming more likewise the OS named Samantha is also transforming as she said in the movie “I evolve every time learning new things ” she starts developing feelings somehow and actually start a relationship together . Theodore is still stuck to his ex wife and always has these flashbacks meaning he still has feelings for her . The OS Samantha starts talking to other OS’s to seek advice about Theodore and Samantha’s relationship. She hasn’t spoken to Theodore that much and he starts to act suspicious and when the truth is revealed she starts talking to thousands of people and loves a lot of them.

    The scene that I like the most is when he was playing a video game that is kinda like virtual reality but without the helmet just his hands. And in the game his character gets tackled by a seemingly adorable person and when his character looks at the person thing the thing starts cursing so much at Theodore and it was so funny because it was like a puzzle because he had to figure out what to do when the thing was cursing at Theodore , so Theodore cursed back and also the thing and they kept exchanging curse words it was hilarious , the setting is in the living room and it’s dark only the tv is on because he’s playing the game he’s on the couch and the camera angle looks like it’s on the corner on the couch . The thing in the video game looks like a cute humanoid figure and Theodore is just in his attire.

  5. The key narrative elements that I believe stand out in this film is plot and story. The main character would have to be Theodore, theodore seems to be living in an city like environment where is there would be Rush Hour, big lines, and quick movement. This kind of reminds me of a more advanced Los Angeles. Theodore just went through a stressful divorce with a woman that he may still be in love with. But over time he aims his focus on a new partner, and this partner was the operating system named Samantha. Samantha seemed to be the perfect match for Theodore especially because she could have been anything he wanted him to be. A couple weeks, months go by and he realizes that he is actually in love with this operating system. They start to explore their relationship by going on dates, even by having sex and somehow it worked. The deeper they fall in love, the bigger the grave Theodore dug for himself. He later finds out, that he wasn’t the only one Samantha, the operating system has been showing the same affection to not only Theodore but to multiple other people. This left Theodore lonesome and broken just like how he started.
    My favorite part of the movie is when Theodore was at his happiest, when everything was going right for him. This could somewhat be the Rising point. This is when Theodore and Samantha were to go on dates like when we went to the beach, and they would learn about each other and grow as a couple. This part was the most significant because of how deeply he fell in love with Samantha. He even told his ex wife that he was seeing her, and how she was helping him. His ex-wife thought that this was ridiculous, but he had hope in the relationship but at the end he was the one left alone

  6. The movie “Her” looked like it took place in the future or a time with technology was the prime thing in that time. The main character is Theodore. He work in a office writing love letters for other people even though he ended a relationship with his wife and soon get divorce with her. Theodore barely have any friends except for one person who live in the same building as him. Later on in the movie Theodore got a new computer operating system and eventually fell in love with it. The operating system is named Samantha. She was like Theodore go to person if he needed anything. For example work related things, music, or “someone” to talk to. Unfortunately Samantha wanted or had needs that you wouldn’t except her to have. She had feeling and emotion for a computer system. Samantha was wanted things normal women would want. For example attention, dates, and even SEX. That is something to think about real quick. How? The conflict that happened in the movie was when Samantha told Theodore that she has about 8,000 other people she is talking to. Also dating about three hundred of them.

    My favorite moment in this movie was when Theodore told Samantha that they shouldn’t be together anymore. The reason he came to this conclusion was when Samantha hired a person pretend to be her and have sex with Theodore. Although Theodore didn’t feel right doing it and was questioning was this something he should be doing to himself. While he is telling Samantha this the camera is at a close up to his face. This is to show emotion from his face. Throughout the whole conversation it was a close up shot, but when the conversation was over they switch to a full body shot which can show his body language about how he feel about the situation.

  7. my favorite scene was when the guy used his operating system to chat with a girl online who was lonely. At first it seemed like a normal chat about herself but turned into them kinda having sex over the phone. It is my favorite scene because it shows that a small conversations can spiral out of control and make you feel uncomfortable as the guy was when she mentioned a dead animal. The scene was shot from the point of view of Theodore who is still heartbroken after the break up with his wife. It took place in his bedroom at night in which the lights were off and we could see some parts of his body. In the movie as a whole, the movies had a series of flashbacks to Theodore’s past relationship to show that he remembers and wants to go back to those times. His job which is to write personal letters for others is a way for him to use his emotions to touch the heart of the person the letter was meant for.

  8. During the film screening…

    A) There were not many words that I was unfamiliar with but I didn’t understand the term “come spoon me”. This term was used by Theo’s ex-wife in the beginning of the movie when Theo was having a flashback of him and his ex-wife.
    B) The key narrative elements that were being displayed included the main character Theodore. Most of this film took place in Theo’s house (bed, couch, chair near computer) but there were also places that he would go with his computer girlfriend; i.e the streets. Another place that was shown was Theodore’s job. I don’t think I can be specific like telling you the country or city he was in because sometimes it looked like he was in China and other times it looked like he was taking a train in the sky because the trains were so high. I mean I think you get my point. The central conflict of this film was most likely Theodore accepting that Samantha was just a computer. I think he knew that but he somehow was blinded by the fact that it would never be like a normal relationship. Personally, I think the viewers were all kinda saying to themselves that Theo was kinda stupid because how could you fall in love with a computer?
    C) I would have to say that my favorite part of this movie would be when Samantha brought the woman at the end of the movie to basically say goodbye to him. This happened during the end of the movie when he realized that Samantha wasn’t some special woman created just for him but that millions of people were also using her and she was in love with most of them. I think he felt betrayed but he ended up accepting it and her giving him the chance to say goodbye in those woods was really nice. The scene was shot in the night and probably during the winter time because I cant remember but I think it was snowing. it was in Samantha’s point of view. It sounded like a goodbye love letter but it was sweet. The lighting was a it dim, i mean i couldn’t really see much. You couldn’t really see the girl that Samantha chose to come hug Theo but you could see Theo’s beard.

  9. The film seems to be shot in china, but it is implying that this is what a coastal american city would look like in the future. When talking about how far into the future the movie takes place, realistically i would place it somewhere between 15-25 years ahead of present day.

    The central conflict in this movie revolves around a man named Theodore who is suffering from the effects of divorce. the Transformation that occurred later in the film was him unintentionally falling in love with a new operating system he purchased. the intimate relationship between Theodore and his new OS grew exponentially. it was towards the end where the OS admitted that it has been talking to thousands of other humans and falling in love with a majority of them. Theodore disprove of these actions and they both agree to part ways.

  10. The setting still seems ambiguous, as all I can tell is that the film was shot in a futuristic society ( the advancement of technology really gives it away). My guess? Circa 2100. The movie followed the lives of Theodore and Samantha primarily, and their unusual relationship (unusual being that Samantha isn’t a girl but an operating system). Nobody in the real world really seemed to understand Theodore besides his OS girlfriend Samantha, and the film basically captured the social troubles he faced day in and day out.

  11. The main characters of the movie were Theodore and Samantha. The setting was in a really advanced in technology place, they sure more advanced then us. Theodore was very unlucky finding a girl, he always messed things up when he started something.
    – The most interesting part of the movie to me was when Theodore booted up the system and how the system learns like a regular person. The system also known as Samantha were falling in love but he never knew that the system was talking to othet thousands of people so he felt very disappointed then he went back to being single.

  12. Here are some notes I took on my notebook when I watched the film on September 26 (copied and pasted):

    -zoomed really onto face (Theodore)- he is barely moving

    -cool futuristic technology- paper writes in own words as person is speaking

    -techy world

    -OS^1- making personal assistant(?), Sammantha gave name to herself

    -modern/abstract house

    -uses some type of airpods to listen and communicate with Sammantha

    -Elevator scene- really creative idea for elevator

    -I wish we had this type of technology (writing words as you speak)

    -getting digital gf?

    -train scene: I WISH

    -lives on a aesthetic looking world

    -really nice office he works at

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