15.1 Blog Requirements, Grammar Test, Presentation Comments

To begin with, a note on blog posts and grades: this marks the 20th blog post assignment of the semester.  For those looking to receive a high grade in the course, aim for at least 17 posts by the end of the semester.  For those looking simply to pass the course, 10 posts (but no fewer) will suffice.

For next Tuesday: study for the Grammar Test (on fragments, subordinating conjunctions, and conjunctive adverbs).  Also please post the following thoughts on one of the student presentations from this week:
–one moment that “stood out” to you (and why);
–one thing you learned;
–one question or suggestion for the presenter.

5 thoughts on “15.1 Blog Requirements, Grammar Test, Presentation Comments”

  1. I’d say Oludara did a good job with his presentation, and it didn’t hurt that his topic was somewhat engaging.
    One moment that stood out to me: The fact that research on gaming addiction and domestic violence isn’t that profound. You’d think the two have some sort of correlation.
    I did learn that video games can affect one’s psychological state , maybe even sometimes leading to violent behavior. Is this fact related to the audience in which such games are marketed to (such as adolescents maybe, young adults, etc)?

  2. One person presented.
    unfortunately didn’t learn anything new.
    One important question for the presenter is “did you learn anything that didn’t already know?”

  3. Chris’s presentation was fairly interesting. One thing that i did not understand is how can a coin be suspicious? its just a coin. But as he was explaining his presentation i learned a few things especially about the coin toss . it was something i had to look into because a simple coin toss had so many factors like he said .

  4. I enjoyed Oludara’s presentation because I like video games. I personally don’t think there would be a reason for it to make someone violent but that’s just me. The game GTA V has gotten many kids to do acts of violence.

  5. I really enjoyed Christopher’s presentation because he taught me something I didn’t know, which had to do with the coin outcomes. I had no clue one side of the coin could even ever be heaver than the other but he also made the presentation a bit engaging. oludara’s was also interesting but I’m not big fan of video games so I did get a bit bored.

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