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  1. In the article “Addicted to Addiction,” by Christopher Lane, Christopher observed that “technology can be all-consuming and that along with its advantages it has serious drawbacks that need careful attention”. I agree with Christopher because this is also how I feel about technology. Even though it can make everyday tasks much easier, it does have its “drawbacks” that do need attention. Drawbacks can be less social interaction with the people around us, Excessive use of technology may cause a lack of creativity, etc.
    These drawbacks are a result of technology and can vary depending on the person, and how much time they spend with technology.
    On my last visit to my parents country which is Guyana, I’ve noticed that it isn’t technology-rich as New York is. This was the countryside, so they seemed to be more creative and innovative due to the fact that they have to survive, and find their own forms of entertainment. even though there is technology present, Everyne is a lot more social and interactive with each other because they do not rely on technology as much as others do. This visit has made me see how technology impacts people and the world itself.
    I agree with statement because I’ve noticed some drawbacks from excessive technology users and limited technology users

  2. In the article “Addicted to addiction” Christopher Lane recognizes that it can be hard to recognize the general effect of “ compulsive behavior and sheer hard work” when using the internet. Although I agree with his point saying that the amount of time that people spend lurking or surfing the internet can be compared to the amount of time others do while working online, making a living for themselves. I also believe that people spend so much time on the internet that they become addicted to it without realizing it. We consume it in almost the same way one might consume alcohol [being an alcohol addict] And has the same effects. According to article “Addiction to internet ‘is an illness” effects on being an internet addict include “Excessive use often associated with a loss of sense of time or a neglect of time or neglect of basic drives” this is the same way an alcoholic may act toward day-to-day duties and responsibilities.

  3. one major series of points can be found in paragraph seven of the article. Christopher Lane recognizes that many individuals rely on extensive use of the internet to pay their bills. This statement can support the claim that Being on the computer, connected to internet for most of the hours in a week, can lead to detrimental effects towards ones social skills and over all health.

    One point I disagree with is that the line between compulsive behavior and sheer hard work is so difficult to determine. For example, Someone who puts in 6-8 hours a day at home day trading, making massive amounts of money through bullish investments with pinpoint timing, can easily be distinguished to someone who one the weekend, would rather sit at home, jerk off, and play video games for 10 hours straight before going bed.

  4. The article “Addicted to Addiction” by Christopher Lane addressed the fact that internet addiction does not belong in a category with schizophrenia and paranoia. Lane also states that “before we medicate yet more teenagers and adults, let’s pause and ask whether overuse of the internet really belongs in a manual of mental disorders”. I strongly agree with Lane because schizophrenia you can be born with and sometimes paranoia happens after a traumatic event. These are both mental disorders that can really affect ones life. The internet is something that just recently became a major factor in peoples lives. Just as drugs which is something also created by man, wasnt put on this earth for people to be addicted to but just for medication, enjoyment. People must learn to control themselves in the way they go about using the internet. Growing up i had gaming systems but i cared more to go outside and play with my friends which is what majority of the world is lacking. It all depends on how you’re brought up.

  5. In the article “Addicted to Addiction” Christopher lane talk about how Internet addiction appears to be a common disorder. I agree to this term because there are many people with an internet addiction disorder some can identify they have one, most people don’t even know. In Christopher article bittman stated that there are three subtypes of extreme Internet use: “excessive gaming, sexual preoccupation, and e-mail text messaging.” These three subtypes are accurate when it comes to internet use but if I had add on one more subtype it will be social media use.
    Social media is one internet addition subtype because many people are obsessed with social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

  6. Although I agree with Christopher Lane on the fact people are spending a bit too much time on something that they are indirectly feeding, I don’t fully agree with it. After reading the rest of the article I realized what his title was all about. “Addicted to Addiction”. He was basically referring to the people who were obsessed with the people who were addicted to the internet and that made the people who were obsessed ones with an addiction as well. Personally, I feel like the people were concerned but Lane felt like they were overdoing it. Okay, so I didnt really understand the article but I think this is the most I could take out of it.

  7. In Christopher Lanes article “Addicted to Addiction” he argues, “In this country, many parents and teachers despair over the amount of time their children and students waste in cyberspace and on electronic gadgets—time that’s clearly not being spent devouring books. Yet blocks strikes me as completely off base when he argues that the remedy for this problem is medication.” I agree with lanes reaction to Block stating that medication is the remedy for Internet addiction because for me, Internet addiction is when a person is obsessed with his/her phone, computer, or any device that can give you access to the Internet. It would be completely absurd to think medication will solve such an addiction. I believe the only way you can prevent or solve Internet addiction is by completely being restricted from it until you know it is not that important.

  8. In the article “Addicted to Addiction,” by Christopher Lane, it shows how dependent society is on the internet. Internet addiction is when you overuse the internet and stop doing and not spending time with the outside world. This can cause a lot of disorders and habits which can be very hard to reverse.

  9. What I remember and understood from Christopher Lane’s article “Addicted to Addiction” people’s generalization of what adiction really is. For example, what addiction is for certain are disorders such as ocd (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This disorder for instance consists of repetitive compulsions. But on the other hand, to call an act of being on the internet excessively as an addiction is controversal. It is not a thing- ghough I do agree that this is a problem. The talk about internet addiction has become a big topic and a big controversy.

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