Mapping Projects


  1. Utsab Dasrao, Phillip Jiang, Hemraj Mohabir:Combustion Consequences of Solid Waste Econ Project 
  2. Taisha Cottrell and Johnathan Taylor  Energy Efficiency Projects (2)
  3. Pablo Sanchez, Henry Lam, Joshua Veliz Energy and Water Mapping
  4. Monet Ametefe, Danielle Casagrande and Marvin Williams NYC Public Recycling Can Epidemic
  5. Anish Patel,Sikandar Hayyat, Sarah Adams, Ibrahim Ouedraogo, Ronghui Wu Tree Census Mapping Project
  6. Souleymane Minte, Angel Campbell,Yanhong Liu, and Rachel Broomes NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Indoor Environmental Complaints PPT final 
  7. Wenjie Long, Farid Rodriguez, Jose Calderon  ECON Mapping Presentation


Detailed instructions and the links to the site for setting up a public account in Arc Gis will be posed here. Links to your completed projects/maps will also appear in this space.

From brown fields to green space: transforming the urban environment

  1. Setting up a free public account in ArcGis;

2.Creating a Story Map