Session 3: climate & food security

After reading Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Change (2011). Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change, be prepared for a discussion of the following questions on Tues. 2/19.

  1. The reading argues that as global population grows and the demand for food increases, climate change is posing challenges to future food security and this means that global food production must become more sustainable. .
  2. What exactly is the relationship between ‘food security’ and climate change in the reading?
  1. It is argued that sustainable food production must establish a “safe space for interconnected food systems.” Explain what global food output needs to do to achieve this ‘safe space.’ Why this approach is sustainable?
  2. The reading points to several food system practices that satisfy human needs, reduce the agricultural carbon footprint and do not exhaust the planet’s resources. Explain what two of these practices in detail.
  3. Describe an initiative that one country is undertaking and explain how this practice is an example of sustainable production.


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