Weekly reading assignments

Session 1: Introductions; What is Environmental Economics?

  1. Introductions; What is an interdisciplinary courses? Environmental Economics: what is sustainability? Why is sustainability critical to long term economic growth?Review research project and topic exploration

Session 2: Defining Sustainable Economic Growth  

Session 3: Why is food security an economic and environmental issue?

Session 4: Why sustainable consumption ?

Session 5: Greening the Urban Economy: Economic Benefits (online)

Session 6: Esri (ArcGis): Using maps to detail environmental problems

Session 7: Midterm (online)

Session 8: Group Presentations / Mapping Project

Session 10: How can urban agriculture be a model for sustainable food production and natural resource use? 

  • Session 11: How Can Sustainability be Measured? (online)

Session 12: Sustainable cities: Planning and re-design in emerging economies

Session 13: Sustainable cities: Green infrastructure

Session 14: Final Exam

  • The final exam will be completed in class.

Session 15: Final Presentations