Discussion week #2

1.In order for long term economic growth to be more sustainable, governments, businesses, and individuals must be proactive. Businesses can utilize resources more efficiently by developing and utilizing substitutes for scarce resources. Governments can act by providing incentives for businesses and investors to utilize more innovative solutions. Through the recognition and elimination of unsustainable activities, resources will be utilized at a lower intensity, therefore improving present quality of life without diminishing resources for future generations. According to the readings, economic growth accompanied by reduced pollution and increased substitution away from natural resources is likely to be more sustainable.

2.Social costs associated with the growth model include worsening income distribution, urbanization, and ugly cities. Associated social benefits include improved communication, standard of living, and transport.

Environmental costs include reduction of natural resources and pollution. Associated environmental benefits include, substitution away from scarce natural resources, less damaging resource extraction, technological innovation and pollution abatement.

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