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Fractions Review Assignment

Specifically for those who scored less than 60 on Exam 1:

Find these in Chapter 1 of the text on page 54.

First do this review: Self-Check (after #238)

Then do these exercises and turn in your work in class

143, 145, 147, 149, 151, 153, 155, 157, 159, 161

167, 169, 171, 173, 175, 183, 185, 187, 192

193, 195, 199, 207, 209, 211, 213, 215

229, 231, 233

Hello and welcome to MAT1275CO D121!

Please take some time to explore this OpenLab course site. Use the menu to explore the course information, activities, and help. As the course progresses, you will be adding your own work to the Student Work section.

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Joining OpenLab and becoming a member of this course are 2 different things! Think of it as creating a login for Instagram (ie. joining OpenLab) and then choosing to Follow someone (ie. becoming a member of MAT1275 LC22).

Click here, and then click on the “+” next to “Join Now” underneath Foghorn Leghorn.

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WeBWorK Homework System

This semester we will be using WeBWorK for homework. If you have used WeBWorK in the past, then you will be used to the platform to input your homework answers.

The website for WeBWorK can be found here. Your login is “first initial last name”.
Password: (your citytech ID). Please click on the link and make sure you are able to log in.


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