Internship Journal #4 – On the Hunt

I explored different internships that were on the OpenLab internship site and on Google. I wanted to find something that was in my interest which was Motion Graphic Design but because the weeks were flying by super fast, my main focus was just getting any internship. I looked more into the internships that were posted on OpenLab since Professor Goetz said that those specifically were looking for City Tech students. My first choice that I applied for was the Brooklyn Navy Yard, their application required an upload of my resume, answers to a few questions about myself and why I wanted to intern there. Due to horrible time management, I sent my application late which led to all of the positions being filled.

I managed to still keep my head up high in hopes of finding an internship as soon as possible. I came across another internship on the site called, Calling All Graphics. I read the description and noticed it said, “Lots of menus so if you love the food industry, this could be of great interest to you.” The moment I saw the word food, I quickly sent Marla Gotay an email. That same day, Marla replied back to me at night to jump on a Zoom meeting with her the next morning. Unfortunately, I missed the meeting because I didn’t see her email until later that next morning but thankfully, Marla was able to set up another Zoom meeting with me the following day and welcomed me aboard!