Internship Journal #3 – Resume and Portfolio Loading. . .

After looking at a variety of design templates and examples, I knew exactly what I wanted to add to my resume to make it look more appealing. I added design elements such as color and shape. I chose to use different shades of pink for my color palette because that has always been my favorite color with a splash of gray for contrast and rectangles. My resume was slowly but surely coming together and I began feeling more confident about it. Besides showing Professor Goetz, I shared my resume with some of my classmates and friends from outside of school for feedback.

Final Resume

Besides the resume, I began putting together a portfolio with Adobe. I had no idea on how I wanted to organize my website because I had both motion and graphic design work that I wanted to include. After looking at examples and templates that Adobe had already installed, it wasn’t too difficult to put everything together. This definitely wasn’t a task that I was be able to perfect in one sitting, I had to continue going back to make changes.