Internship Journal #6

On my first week at Calling All Graphics, Marla assigned me, five digital menu boards, three of which were completed by a previous intern and two new boards that I created from scratch. Since the client, Panini Grill, wanted some minor changes, I proceeded with the task. Marla put all her files in Dropbox so it was easy for me to get whatever files I needed that were required for the project, such as images, InDesign files, Illustrator files, and After Effects files.

For the cheeseburger deluxe menu board, Marla asked me to change the text within the circle from “add a lemonade” to “juicy & delicious”.

For the Philly cheesesteak board, Marla wanted a different catchphrase inside the circle. We both thought of different phrases and decided on one together. I changed it from “try our lemonade” to “add a fresh lemonade.”

For the breakfast burrito board, the phrase was the same as the cheesesteak board so I changed it from “add a lemonade” to “many options to choose from.”

The smoothie digital menu board and Panini Grill introduction were some of the first boards I worked on from start to finish. Marla gave me all the elements from type, images, and layout. From there I created a static board in InDesign, placing all the elements in the position that I wanted and showing it to her for approval before moving into After Effects. Once Marla approved, I created outlines and moved it into Illustrator to release all the clipping masks. Next, I transferred the file to After Effects to start moving each element.

Once I was finished, I uploaded the mp4s to Dropbox and Marla assigned me my next project.