Blog Entry #6 – Coffitivity App Review

Coffitivity is an app and website that impersonates the sounds of a public cafe to help with your creativity and increase your concentration. Based on proven research, background noise helps with exploring new ideas. Now that some of us are still working from home, this app lets you interact with virtual people around you as if you’re at an actual cafe.

This app has different sounds for you to choose from such as morning murmur, lunchtime lounge, university undertones, and for an extra $9 you can listen to Paris paradise, brazil bistro, and  Texas teahouse. The noises include people talking, humming, doors opening and closing, kitchen utensils, and more. My favorite one is morning murmur because it reminds me of a busy Starbucks and all the times I went to go pick up my coffee before going to class before COVID-19. I wish I knew about this app earlier because it helped me write the rest of my blog posts.