Test 3 review materials

Test 3 is scheduled for Wednesday 15 November, the first hour or so of class.

Here is the survey for you to use to plan how to make best use of the resources available to you: this is for your private use


Here are the review self-tests, with some errors corrected: notably, problem 2 should have referred to “sequences”, not series, and that has been fixed.


Here are the answers, with extensive hints and partial solutions for the first Self-Test: less detail is given for the second self-test



Please let me know if you find any errors in these!


Here are links to some additional resources:

On Taylor Polynomials:

Video from PatrickJMT (on YouTube, so may autoplay another video after)

Taylor Polynomial Ex. 1

Taylor Polynomial Ex. 2

Paul’s Online Math Notes on special series (geometric and telescoping, mainly)