Note about the WeBWorK on areas between curves

There appears to be a sporadic bug in a couple of the problems where you are asked to find the area between a 3rd degree curve and a 2nd degree curve  – so far it has shown up in problems 2 and 11, but only in some versions of them. Most people seem to be getting problems which work out OK.


As far as I can tell, what happens is this: Whenever the intersection points of the graphs come out to be anything other than whole numbers, the area is computed wrongly by WeBWorK.

At least, this is what has happened in the examples I have checked so far.


If you are in this situation (where the x-values of the intersection points have to be found using the quadratic formula) and your answer is being marked wrong in WeBWorK, please post your problem as a question on Piazza and then post your COMPLETE solution (not just the final answer) in the student solution box, so that I may give you credit for it. In fact, you’ll get double credit for being handed an unexpectedly difficult problem!

(For the sake of these problems, you can take a LEGIBLE and CLEAR photo of your NEATLY WRITTEN work to post as the solution. Make sure that it is easy to read!)