Test 2 solutions and redo problems (bumped up to top of posts)

Here are the solutions to Test 2, according to the version you have (look at the lower left on the cover sheet)

MAT1375Test2a-solutions    version \alpha

MAT1375Test2b-solutions   version \beta


If you did not receive full credit for problems 3, 5 and/or 7, you have the opportunity to work similar problems to increase your score. In order for your score to increase, these must be done totally correctly and showing all work (except what you can easily do in your head: if in doubt, WRITE IT DOWN!)

Note: if you use a vertical line test or a horizontal line test, you should sketch a few vertical or horizontal lines to show what is happening. This is especially important to do when the graph fails one or the other of those tests: show a line where it fails!

These problems are due by the start of class on Wednesday 8 November.



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