Resources and practice problems on the binomial theorem

Here are some really good resources that get right to the important points.


A good introduction to the binomial theorem is on this page at Math is Fun. They also explain how to construct and use Pascal’s Triangle to get the binomial coefficients. At the end of the page are some practice problems, which are very good to work through.

The page which explains how to use the calculator in the binomial theorem is here at Mathbits.

Here is a video from Math Gives You Power which explains the binomial theorem a bit and then shows key-by-key how to use the TI-84 calculator to get all the binomial coefficients (in an easier way than the Mathbits uses) and then works some examples of finding specific terms in the binomial expansions. (Warning: It’s Youtube, so another video may auto play when this is done.)


There are two video examples from PatrickJMT:

Example 1 Example 2

After you’ve viewed those, work through the quiz from Mathopolis (Math is Fun). This will give you practice and help you to learn! (These are the same problems linked at the bottom of the Math is Fun page I mentioned above.) The answers are provided, once you’ve entered your answer, along with complete solutions. Make sure you work through these!

For more practice you can do the following from the textbook:

Exercises 25.4(a-d)  and 25.5(a-d)

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