Monday 6 November class


• Discussion of using the graph to investigate the intervals in solving a rational inequality. Please see the links in the previous post for videos which show solving polynomial and rational inequalities: there is only one that I could find that used the graphs, unfortunately.

• Definition of logarithms, using the definition to translate from exponential form to logarithmic form and vice-versa, and some properties of logarithms that come from the definitions.

• Graphs of the basic logarithm functions. In this course we will only need to look at logarithms whose base is greater than 1.


The handout which I gave you, which contains all of the definitions and properties of logarithms that we need, is also available here:




• Review how to sketch the graph of a rational function, in particular, how to find the equations of its vertical and horizontal asymptotes. See examples 11.5 in the textbook, and the notes I used in class are also available here:


• Review the problems we did using the definition of logarithms (on the handout). Make sure that you can easily translate back and forth from exponential form to logarithmic form and vice-versa.

• In the WeBWorK, do problems 4-11 for now. You can try the others as well if you like, but #4-11 are required for Wednesday’s class
• Also do from the textbook, Exercises 13.3 and 13.4. Please note that Exercise 13.4 is to be done without using a calculator, just as we did in class (and also see Example 13.10)

Here are some videos on logarthims:

from PatrickJMT: Logarithms properties 1

from Khan Academy (a sequence of 9 connected videos and lessons

• There will be a Quiz on Wednesday. The topics will be logarithms, translating from exponential form into logarithmic form and evaluating without a calculator (so calculators will be forbidden for this quiz only), just like Exercises 13.3 and 13.4.

Also don’t forget that if you did not receive full scores on Problems 3, 5, and/or 7 on Test 2, you have the opportunity to do a similar problem for half of the missing points. These problems must be written up completely correctly and are due at the start of class on Wednesday. See this post for more information and for the problems themselves. They are absolutely no excuses due on Wednesday, so don’t delay!


Don’t forget, if you get stuck on a problem, you can post a question on Piazza. Make sure to give your question a good subject line and tell us the problem itself – we need this information in order to answer your question. And please only put one problem per posted question!



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