Prof. Sybil Shaver MAT 1375 course policies Fall 2017

Class website: openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/shavermat1375fall2017

To join the discussion board for this course: piazza.com/citytech.cuny.edu/fall2017/mat1375

email: profshaver@gmail.com    (preferred)

or you can use my City Tech email sshaver@citytech.cuny.edu                                                

Office: N724  Office Hours: Mondays noon – 1:00 PM

General Information:

• Textbook: Precalculus Second Edition By Thomas Tradler and Holly Carley Available on www.lulu.com

or PDF available from:


• You will need a three-ring looseleaf binder for organizing notes, printed textbook pages, and handouts

• You will need a graphing calculator. The Mathematics Department recommends either a TI-84 or TI-84 Plus. (The TI-83 is similar.).

• You may not use a cell phone as a calculator or watch during tests. Cell phones may not be used in class: the ringers must be turned off and they must be kept out of sight.

• You will need a watch or small clock to monitor your use of time while working or taking tests


• It is very important that you commit to attending every class, arriving on time and staying until the end of the class. We will discuss many things in class which may not be in the textbook, and we will engage in activities designed to enhance understanding of the material. Attendance will be taken at the start of each class.  If you miss any part or all of a class for any reason, you must make sure to master the material that you missed as soon as possible, preferably  before the next class. (However, there is no real substitute for being in class!)


• Homework: All students are expected to work and check all routine homework exercises from the textbook. These are the problems listed on the Department course outline (assignment sheet) for this course. These problems will not be collected but they may appear as quiz or test problems, so it is important that you work them for practice.

• WeBWorK: these will be done online, and are required assignments, normally due by 11 PM the night before each class meeting. These will also count toward your grade.

• Quizzes: There will be a short quiz at or near the start of most classes (when there is no test scheduled). These will consist of problems similar to the routine homework or possibly taken from the homework. The lowest 3 Quiz scores will be dropped. No make-up quizzes and no extra time for latecomers. Solving problems on the board or on the Piazza discussion board can give extra credit.

• Tests: There will be 4 tests during the semester. Each test will be  approximately 50 minutes long, and will begin at the start of the class period. No extra time will be given to late arrivals. If you miss any of these tests, you will receive a score of 0 for that test. No make-up tests will be given. The lowest test grade will be dropped in computing your term grade. (In other words, if you miss one test, that is the grade that will be dropped.)

Computation of grades:

Quiz average  5% of total

WeBWorK 5% of total

top 3 of 4 tests 60% of total

Final Exam 30% of total

The final exam is a comprehensive exam, and is required in order to pass the course. Our Final Exam is scheduled for Monday 18 December 2017.