Resources: Final Exam review problem 4


This problem requires you to do several things:

• Put the equation of the circle into its standard form by completing the squares,

• Read off the center and radius of the circle from the standard form of the equation,

• Find the four “cardinal points” on the graph of the circle and draw the graph.

WARNING: on this problem, as on all the Final Exam problems, you must derive your answers algebraically in order to receive credit. If you graph on your graphing calculator and read off coordinates without doing any algebra, you will receive NO CREDIT!


WeBWorK on Circles:  this shows how to do the first two items above but not how to find the four cardinal points. (Use “Show Me Another” if you have already completed this.)

• Video showing a solution of problem #4a, showing how to find the four cardinal points as well. I recommend putting in the four points BEFORE you try to draw the circle though!

A longer version of that video


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