Special extra credit contest for OpenLab readers in this course!

This is purely a bribe to get you to read the OpenLab posts for today, but it is slightly related to mathematics.

If you are not already familiar with the song “My Shot” from the musical Hamilton (or you just want to hear it again), here it is:

The lyrics are also printed on that video in case you want them.

So here is the magical question:

When one of our students was at the board having worked out one of the “graphing parabolas” problems, another student said a short phrase (which I heard, of course) and it reminded me of this song, so I said of the student at the board, “He’s Alexander Hamilton”.

Which line in this song “my Shot” was I thinking of?

Post your best guess as a comment on this post, one per customer, and please only students enrolled in this course. The first person to post the correct answer will get a free 10/10 quiz grade. (And since I am offline until Wednesday night, just keep posting answers and I’ll look at them and announce the winner after that.)



P.S. The answer to the question “What’s my favorite song from Hamilton?” is always, for me, “the last one I listened to.”


11 thoughts on “Special extra credit contest for OpenLab readers in this course!”

  1. Ha, these are all very good guesses! The actual line I was thinking of was:
    “I gotta holler just to be heard
    With every word, I drop knowledge”

    I guess Kimberly is the closest, so she wins!

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