Final Exam Review UPDATED!

The resource pages linked below have been updated so that they all link the new Fall 2019 version of the Final Exam review sheet – the only change is that the instructions to some of the problems have been changed for clarity. Nothing has changed about what you have to do.

I have also added in most of the missing resources; the only thing still remaining to be uploaded are two slideshows, one on solving exponential equations and one on proving identities. Look for a second update later today!



Below are links to resource pages for each of these problems. This page will be updated as new resources are added. Please also let me know by email or by leaving a comment on this post (NOT in class!) if you find something useful online.

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

Problem 5

Problem 6

Problem 7

Problems 8-10

Problem 11

Problem 12

Problem 13

Problem 14

Problem 15

Problem 16

Problem 17


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