Resources: Final Exam Review problem 3


This problem requires you to simplify a complex fraction. Recall that there are two methods for doing this:

Method 1: simplify the “top” and the “bottom” of the complex fraction by adding or subtracting, if necessary; then turn the division into multiplying by the reciprocal of the “bottom”.

Method 2: Find the LCM of ALL the denominators in the “top” and “bottom” of the complex fraction; multiply the “top” and “bottom” by this LCM to clear all the “little” denominators; simplify and turn the division into multiplying by the reciprocal.

In any case it goes without saying that you must reduce your final answer to lowest terms.


WeBWorK on ComplexFractions:  there are two of them, one for Method 1 and one for Method 2.  (Use “Show Me Another” if you have already completed these.)

Video showing how to use each of those methods to solve #3a

You may also need to review how to find the LCM. Here is a tutorial from VirtualNerd on finding Least Common Denominators to add/subtract rational expressions

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