Resources: Final Exam Review problem 2


This problem requires you to do several things:

• Find the vertex of a parabola from its formula,

• Find the x- and y-intercepts of a parabola from its formula,

• Sketch the graph of the parabola from that information and label the points.

WARNING: on this problem, as on all the Final Exam problems, you must derive your answers algebraically in order to receive credit. If you graph on your graphing calculator and read off coordinates without doing any algebra, you will receive NO CREDIT!


WeBWorK on ParabolaVertices: there are two of them, one on CtS (completing the square) and one on Vertex formula. Choose whichever method you prefer.

• Finding the x-intercept: set y=0 in the formula and solve the resulting quadratic equation. Remember that the x-intercept(s) are points of the form (0,a) for some number(s) a.

Always try to choose the simplest method that will work for your quadratic equation: Factor and use the Zero Product Property if at all possible!

• Finding the y-intercept: set x=0 in the formula. Remember it is a point (0, b) for some number b.

A video showing a solution to #2c using the Vertex Formula

A video showing a solution to #2c using Completing the Square to put the equation into vertex form


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