Essay VI: Graphic Design vs Advertising

Shannaine Franklin

Professor Trofimova

Topics in Graphic Design

April 20, 2018


Essay VI: Graphic Design vs Advertising


The takeaway from class was that graphic design and advertising are different and the same. Graphic design and advertising can be boiled down into two sentences. Graphic design is the creation of art. And advertising is the selling of that art. To me, graphic design and advertising are two sides to same coin. One helps the other at all times and in every situation.

You create a brand and have to design a logo. That logo will be advertised through different marketing channels. You open a store, that store needs a logo. That logo again needs advertising. Graphic design and advertising, go hand in hand.


Design to me is short and simply. Not the time,energy and delivery of the design. How design looks to the word. People don’t understand that designing something is not just a whatever thing. That logo can stick with you for life. Design also has different roles, than what perceived. Everyone designs generally or specifically. People can only design magazines, logos, books and book covers, logo design for brands and much more.


Advertising is when you get into the nitty gritty of things. Advertising is so much harder than it is. And harder than it appears to be. You have use advertising to market yourself, an idea or concept through many channels. Both physical like newspapers, magazine and book. Electronically through social mediums like instagrams, facebook’s and blogs.I feel like advertising has more roles than design does and is more complicated than in my eyes.


I feel like advertising has more roles than design does and is more complicated than in my eyes. The two I find the most difficult. Would be the public relations and research. Research because, that takes the longest. My attention span can be a little short. And public relations , because that evolves the most talking to people and the public. I’ve only just became social active and as an introvert, it can be a little straining.


I still do not know how I feel about choosing between them. Graphic design is more visually appealing, but advertising looks like it has the ability to keep my life interesting. Advertising seems like the most creative and changing place I can be. With my short attention span, an environment where things can always switch up. Will keep me interested in life.