Assignment II: What Kind of Designer Am I?

Shannaine Franklin

Professor Trofimova

Topics in Graphic Design

February 7, 2018


Assignment II: What Kind of Designer Am I?


To figure out kind of designer I am, I would need to know what kind of person I am or is I need to figure out  what of person I am, to know what kind of designer am I or are those the same thing.

Honestly, I’m not really sure of the kind person I am or what kind of designer I am either. I feel like everyday has been a step-by-step learning experience for me and this semester it time to be taking leaps. The one thing I would say about myself, would be the fact I run on fear.


Fear is my number one problem and I’ve never took steps to overcome or challenge that fear in a serious. My fear is rooted into the unknown. Not knowing where I’m going, what I’m going, why I’m doing things. But I am going to therapy for that. To write this essay, I can only really talk about things we talked about in class and how I feel about those things in general.


One of the first things we talked about in class was whether or not you felt like you could be a freelance kind of person or a job kind of career kind of person. And I what each of those entailed briefly. Freelance was path you took if you were a self-starter, overly positive, months of vacation vs the job career path that gives more stability and maybe two-weeks of vacation and such. Out of the two I really do lean more towards the career path than the freelance path.


Stability is really important to me. Having a constant job and paycheck are important to me. And freelancing seems like path you would only take off the bat first, if you have already built those strong connections with various people and those people will have you up to your elbows with back to back work. I choose career because I realized that I’m not in the right headspace or have the right attitude to be a leader right now. I don’t want to be responsible for other people and I would rather have some direction, than be the one giving the direction. Granted I get into a place where under direction, I feel as if I could give better direction. But taking on a leadership kind of role, that freelancing would have to be. Is just not for me right now.


One of the second things we talked about in class was being a generalist or specialist. I have hard time choosing between the two because , I know being generalist runs the risk of getting assignments I would hate. For example,.I’m weak in logo design and illustration. But I know would help me build and perfect my skills, even the skills I don’t have much strength in. Choosing specialist, I would try to get internships and jobs that focused on typography, packaging design and branding. Because those skills are were my interests lays the most. The more interested you are in a skill, the faster one excels at that skill. But I feel like trying to dabble and learn a little of everything to a proficient amount would probably be best.