About Me

My name is Shannaine. And I like do typographic designs. The very first time I was interested in design was when I started high school. They did not have very much events going on and when they were going on, nobody really knew about them. I joined my school’s Student Government and became the person in charge of creating our posters. The program has never had anyone that was able to create posters and deliver the information they need to be out, before then. Back then, I was using Microsoft Publisher. I had knowledge of Adobe by name, but not by product. It was not until my second year of college that I even had the chance to use Adobe products, because I spent a year at another college as undecided. And work through cuny required class to transfer to New York City College of Technology for Communication Design.
When I first started classes here, I was interest in everything. Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration, you name it. After taking classes like Graphic Design Principles, Figure Drawing, Foundation Drawing, Typography and Photography. I found out where I most willing to put in the time, energy and effort into creating something beautiful. And that was on the page, Typography. I feel love with making grids, layouts, putting text and photos on page and most importantly. Giving the reader the information they need to know, loud and clear. Typographic and the advertising of that typography is where I feel like I belong.