Assignment I: Class One Reflection

Shannaine Franklin

Professor Trofimova

Topics in Graphic Design

February 7, 2018


Assignment I: Class I Reflection


In our first class we watch the short animation film, Piper. Piper is about this baby bird that gets pushed out the nest by the mother, so she can beginning finding food and providing for herself. Unfortunately Piper gets scared by the waves and draws back into the nest. With the help of her crab friends, she figures out how to savage for food and protect herself from the waves. The message I received from the short film was you have to overcome fear, even with the help of friends or family. Because overcoming fear will help you develop and move forward in life.


Piper would relate to me in the actions of the beginning. In the begin Piper is persuaded to leave the nest by the mother to dig for food, shown as a necessity to their community. Beginning this major was difficult for me, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But I know that I want a career in this major and will have the leave my mom’s house and get a job to pay for my bills, traveling and the excessive shopping I do.


Piper is having fun looking for food until the waves come. The waves frightens him, he gets splashed and retreats to this mother’s nest. He comes out again and waves frighten him again, so he retreats. I feel like I relate to this fear. Transferring to this school without my family’s support was fear. Being in this major now and being between a upper-level junior and lower-level senior, the fear is starting to increase and accelerate. After this semester I only have one year left. That’s one year to figure out what kind of designer am I, where I want to work, what my portfolio will look like. Preparing to step into the realer world.


When Piper befriends those crabs and copies them to learn how to keep safe from the waves and being able to continue gathering food and staying safe as possible. I kind of interpret that as your family and friends could be able to help you and put you on a better path or make the path your already on easier. I feel like this class may be I class I need to figure these choices out.


In class today we spoke briefly on how organizing portfolio would go. What the difference between advertising and graphic design is. What it means to network and get prepared to internship. I was always think about these things in the back of mind and now they are coming to light. And the light feels real bright and hot.