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Reading Journal #8

2001 was… interesting. I didn’t understand any of it. It seemed like two or maybe more plot lines tied together. I’ve always wanted to know where “Hal” came from, too, but I was somewhat disappointed that this was how the movie ended up. The movie left me confused completely, and i asked myself what did i just watch. The most enjoyable part for me was the end where the song came in an the giant baby floated next to Earth. I found it hilarious. In all, the movie was just a little too artistic. It was like trying to completely understand abstract art.

Reading Journal #7

Brown Girl in the Ring was a very, very hard read for me. It starts of confusing with Ti-Jeane experiencing visions that blur reality and imagination. It was hard for me to tell what was real. The mythical creatures were hard to picture and their existance had no explanation until the middle of the book. The hardest part was the accents in the book. It was a heavy Caribbean accent that just looked like jumbled English. Its hard to read an accent I’m used to hearing. The story did pick up after the spirits were explained though.

Reading Journal #6

District 9 was a really good movie. It held my attention from beginning to end, even though it doesn’t quite have the Hollywood quality seen in the theaters. The plot put a twist on the whole “predator becoming the prey” theme by having a human become an alien-human mixed breed experiment. We watched Wikus unfold as he lost everything he had as a human while being a fugitive. The only big question i had was how did the humans have so much control over the “prawns” if the prawns had such advanced technology that only worked with their DNA.

Reading Journal #5

Dawn was my favorite book of the semester. I liked the concept of aliens holding humans captive in complete control of there lives. Even the suspended animation idea i thought was interesting. The story didn’t start as slow as the other books we’ve read and the plot picked up fast. After reading Dawn i wanted to read the rest of the trilogy.