Journal #6

“You don’t understand us as well as you think you do.” (Lilith)

“And you don’t understand us at all, you never will really …” (creature)

            This is a great part from the end of Part Two because it just gets down to the truth of the matter.  Lilith is a “fish out of water”.  The Oankali have been studying the humans for hundreds of years by this point and have gained enough knowledge to have the upper hand at this point.  They already have the upper hand with Lilith, as she is a captive.  For Lilith to insinuate that they know nothing about humans after all this time is a direct result of why the creature essentially demeans Lilith and states an even bigger fact that she knows nothing.  She has been out for hundreds of years and has no knowledge to what may or may not be going on, on Earth; let alone the ship that they are on.  The Oankali rules Lilith and have plans for the future.  A future that she may or may not be a part of depending on how she takes to the Oankali and their way of life.  The creature lowers her down a level and puts her in her place as the captive she truly is.

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