Journal #5

Unlike previous books I’ve read in this class, ‘Dawn’, by Octavia E. Butler creates a scenario in which humans are not in control of their immediate future. I personally have enjoyed reading through and imaging some of these situations presented. The idea of humanoid beings traveling to earth in an effort to recuse humanity from it’s own destruction makes for an interesting plot. First visual contact with the Oankali by Lilith truly shows how it’s possible for intelligent life to take on various forms, alien to us. This encounter also demonstrates how two separate forms of life can perceive each other as strange or uncanny. Medusa is what Lilith use to describe Jdahya’s hair like sensory organs. This encounter might share similarities with those on earth. Through out human history, contact with different civilization has often lead to a wider understanding for both side and allowed the thought of being apart of a much bigger world.

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