Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Reading Journal

One of my favorite parts of the book was probably in the middle of Chapter 9, when Luba Luft claimed that Rick Deckard himself was an android. First when she said that if there were any androids among her, she’ll be glad to help and Rick said that’s one indication of her being an android (when one android doesn’t care what happens to another android). This is when she told him that he was probably an android, just because it’s his job to kill them. She also asked if he took the Voigt-Kampff test himself and he responded with “I took the test when I first started with the department”. She said afterwards that perhaps it was a false memory that was given to him and that perhaps he killed a human that looked like him and took that human’s place without his superiors noticing. At that point even I began to question if Rick Deckard was actually an android. Even though he is a bounty hunter, I don’t believe it was mentioned why he was a bounty hunter in the first place. Maybe he was implanted with false memories to make him believe he was one.

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