Caves of Steel: Reading Journal Close Analysis

In Caves of Steel, it showed the building trust of human (Elijah Baley) and robot (Daneel Olivaw). The passage I chose was as follows from the Ending of Chapter 1:

“No, Commissioner.” He drew a deep, sighing breath. “What’s my Partner’s name?”

“R. Daneel Olivaw.”

Baley said, sadly, “This isn’t the time for euphemism, Commissioner. I’m taking the job, so let’s use his full name. Robot Daneel Olivaw.

In the beginning of the story, the Commissioner hired Lije for the job which he didn’t want to accept at first only because of one specific thing. His partner, was a robot. Lije couldn’t trust that robot anywhere near his family or even around him thinking that Daneel would end up backstabbing in the end. From a rough start where even Lije’s wife told him that she scared of Daneel (when at first she was okay with him since she never realized he was one till the news report). Lije began to lighten up a bit about having Daneel as a partner. Being with someone for a long time no matter what they do would make the trust grow and seeing as to how Daneel was almost like a human even when he wasn’t but was trying his best to be for Elijah, made Lije think that he shouldn’t judge someone right away because they’re different. Just give it some time and it’ll eventually work out. Especially when Daneel didn’t understand something such as the bible, Elijah took the time to explain it to him. In the end, they both learned each other’s customs from one another, solved the murder case and walked arm in arm.

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