Journal #2

One of the themes that have stood out for me while reading “Caves of Steel” is the concept of socialism through out the book. One particular moment that stood out to me was when Elijah and R.Daneel went to a foreign kitchen to eat and discussed how the food around the world is exactly the same. He also discussed how they were allowed to eat certain because of his class and how they weren’t allowed to eat depending on whether kitchen was short or not. The food distribution in this book is controlled by one entity and is distributed to everyone in the world. Elijah is only allowed a certain amount of choices to eat, he cannot buy whatever he wants like in a capitalistic society. Another example of socialism in the book was how many children a family is allowed to have is controlled. Elijah is a level five so he is allowed to have two kids. This book was written during the 1950’s so this theme is very strange for this time period. I feel as if he was maybe telling his readers that socialism is the future or he was telling readers that it isn’t the future since their are many problems in the Caves of Steel.

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