ENG 1121 D410 With Prof. Schmerler Spring 2024

What does it mean to be human, today?

Your Attendance Activity for Finals Week awaits…

Hi Class. Below is a short activity for you to complete in order to get attendance credit for Finals Week (as we are not meeting at all in person this week).


Welcome to an OpenLab Project Site that I created last year, called “NTTR — No Time to Research.” LINK HERE.

I created it on my own in the spring, around the time that the AI chatbots dropped; that said, I had been thinking about these issues for a very long time.

Your mission is: to read it (it is not a large site!); pick at least one post on it; and react in writing with your thoughts and feelings and experiences about the issues I raise in that post. I would also really appreciate if you would add, in your comments, what you think about the Project Site as a whole, and give me suggestions for how to fix it, add to it, or just include any resources you may have found that I ought to know about.

You can do all this by responding in a COMMENT on this OpenLab post. BTW: you can make your COMMENT “private” if you wish.


No In-Person Classes for Finals Week

We are not meeting any more in person. As you know, our last class was last Thursday. I just want to remind all of you, as many of you have not been in class.

Good luck with your Final Exams in your other classes.

On Wednesday, I will give you a short viewing / reading activity that will count as your Attendance for the week.

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you to our photographers, Aidan and Keven:

Portrait, after having discussed the limits of the known universe and the possibilities of teleportation…

…as well as the calm determination of Knicks number 11, Jalen Brunson, as analogous to the challenges of teaching Freshmen English in the Spring.

In other words: We Out!

Thank you to everyone who showed up.

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