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Internship Blog Post #9

Week 9, the company teach me step by step on the print text or logos onto t shirt and help them with cutting up stickers to place on packages to ship to clients. When setting up a logo to print onto a clothing, you will need an app called silhouette studio. You import the logo on to the app and once you do that you mirror your logo. Then to set up force to 11 and speed to 6 for the cameo. The cameo is a machine where they cut up the logo for you to place onto the t shirt. Once you set it up, you send it to the cameo to cut it out. You use vinyl paper and place it on to the cameo and its ready to cut out. You can see the cameo cutting out the logo. When finish with that you get a exacto knife and cut off the extra paper thats on the logo. You carefully peel off the paper and you will have the logo by it self. After that you get your shirt place it on the heat transfer then place the logo anywhere onto the shirt where you want it be shown then press down the heat transfer then wait like a min and take off the heat transfer and you will the logo print onto the shirt.

IMG_8436 IMG_8436

Internship Blog Post #8

On week 8 I went to their business meeting where they explain to me new ideas, and try to find ways to move forward with the company. In this meeting I gave in my thoughts on how to move forward, finding out ways to market ourselves better, what our audience find more attractive. I was introduce to the clothing side of the business and learn that the Company with work with a market in CT, where they sell Hispanic food, jewelry. The company was thinking of selling their clothes in the store in CT but was trying figure out a if customer that come to the store to buy food, are they going to buy our company merch. For my input I said we can do that but it has to be appealing to attract the customer. You always want to grab people attention when selling an item. This is how the company’s t shirt and the company hoodie’s look like.

Also a picture of the store and website link to see more

Internship Blog Post #3

For this week at Eravitacy, the team wanted to see if I could also do deigns. The team gave me a task that relates to Disney and the year 20201 in a birthday format. They wanted to see my design process and my thought process. I first look at images of Disney on google and first thing I seen was Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse. With this idea I was thinking maybe this can a be logo for a male and female children audience because when a person think of disney they think of playful, fun, enjoy, mickey mouse ears, children and disney world. I wanted to put these ideas together into one logo to represents a child birthday theme with disney. The founder told to add these logo to the instagrm page to show people our creative process.

Internship Blog Post #2

As of my second week as Social Media Marketer for the company Eravitacy. The creator of the company broke down to me on how to gain followers, support and pay clients.  I watch youtube videos how to get more ideas and did research on to become a social media marketer. Find different ways to advertise the company. Help me figure out to the target audience. This week the co founder told me to post a content and add a caption and hashtags. He told the importance of hashtags. On this post the he want to target creators to come to us with ideas so we can bring it to life. I created a caption for information on where to contact us at and hashtags to gain a bigger audience.



Internship Blog Post #1

I started my first week at Eravitacy, a upstart company that provides clients with professional design services. Through the use of visuals and the language of artistic style, we help put all of our clients on the path to success. Explore our site below to find out more information, or simply get in touch with us today. The founder of the company wanted me to be social media marketer. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Although the terms e-marketing and digital marketing are still dominant in academia, social media marketing is becoming more popular for both practitioners and researchers, according to my research. The founder wanted to gain more followers, likes, shares, comments on their instagram page. More interaction onto their page. Look for clients that needed help on designs, sell designs, sell brand accessories, sell clothes and build a platform where people can come to us to bring their ideas to life.


What does it take on becoming a graphic designer? My name is Ruimel Graham and I am a college student that is currently attending New York City College Of Technology. My major is communication design / graphic design. The reason why I chose graphic design as a major because I want to learn how to use photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, how to design advertisement, videography, and the secrets aspects on becoming a freelancer.