Internship Blog Post #9

Week 9, the company teach me step by step on the print text or logos onto t shirt and help them with cutting up stickers to place on packages to ship to clients. When setting up a logo to print onto a clothing, you will need an app called silhouette studio. You import the logo on to the app and once you do that you mirror your logo. Then to set up force to 11 and speed to 6 for the cameo. The cameo is a machine where they cut up the logo for you to place onto the t shirt. Once you set it up, you send it to the cameo to cut it out. You use vinyl paper and place it on to the cameo and its ready to cut out. You can see the cameo cutting out the logo. When finish with that you get a exacto knife and cut off the extra paper thats on the logo. You carefully peel off the paper and you will have the logo by it self. After that you get your shirt place it on the heat transfer then place the logo anywhere onto the shirt where you want it be shown then press down the heat transfer then wait like a min and take off the heat transfer and you will the logo print onto the shirt.

IMG_8436 IMG_8436