Internship Blog Post #17

For the last week of my internship, I continue to post and interact with our followers. I was supposed to officially print out my t shirt for a logo I created but the office was closed. The office will be open next week.. That being said, it was great working for Eravitacy. I learn a lot on how to market a company social media. This a very important concept when having a company because it’s a way to earn clients and easy way to network.  Can also build a support system from followers. When having a business it can be hard to have motivation but when strangers give you an extra push it makes you want to keep going. Iv’e reach my goal to gain 100 followers before the semester ends to show results. Gaining 100 followers wasn’t easy. This company gave me an extra pushed to start my own business. The founder of Eravitacy told me I could continue to work for the company and if I’m interested, he will add me to the payroll as a social media marketer and access to print out logos onto clothes if I ever start my own business.