Internship Blog Post #8

On week 8 I went to their business meeting where they explain to me new ideas, and try to find ways to move forward with the company. In this meeting I gave in my thoughts on how to move forward, finding out ways to market ourselves better, what our audience find more attractive. I was introduce to the clothing side of the business and learn that the Company with work with a market in CT, where they sell Hispanic food, jewelry. The company was thinking of selling their clothes in the store in CT but was trying figure out a if customer that come to the store to buy food, are they going to buy our company merch. For my input I said we can do that but it has to be appealing to attract the customer. You always want to grab people attention when selling an item. This is how the company’s t shirt and the company hoodie’s look like.

Also a picture of the store and website link to see more