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ADV1100 Project #4

Saturation and Muted Color Study

I really like doing these kind of projects. Even if I can’t get the perfect value it’s great to see the cool values to be made from only three main colors red, blue, and yellow. With that being said I do wish my narrow muted values were a little darker because it isn’t as noticeable how they differ in saturation.IMG_20141119_003857


BHS Research

IMG_20141110_134035For my walk project if we are to include a map I would like to include a little manuscript map. Although it is very tedious and precise I really liked that style. I would also like to include a good legend because I noticed in one of my groups maps that it was two sided but the legend or key was only on one side so I would put it on both sides. Lastly, there was one unique map named “Heart Of Brooklyn” and it had a drawn heart on it where the artist believed the Heart of Brooklyn was, and I that was a very cool idea.