Lets Get Ethical Part 1

a. From a writing perspective, since high school my English teachers have been telling me and my classmates to be careful with plagiarism. Plagiarism was always subject to not only failure in your writing assignments but also had repercussions that could lead to being expelled. Being ethically professional from a design standpoint is basically the same guidelines and practices. Luckily, within my internship at timeout market, New York, we don’t handle much a sourcing of images because we take our own photographs for our own designs. We do use the company’s trademark and logos and more careful not to put their logo on anything that would not reflect on the business conglomerate as a whole in a malicious or poorly represented way. If ever you do decide to take a piece of writing or image, it’s so important to give the artist or author that do credit in their work. I personally never want to take anyone’s work and treat it as my own. Not only because I don’t want to done to me, but because I rather have something I know I’ve created from zero to a full product. Photography such a big part of our design within the market. It only makes sense to take pictures of our own products that we’ve taken ourselves to design around because we know we want and it is easier to create it than to search for a photo and it not be exactly what we’re looking for. In my personal work, I’ve been working on creating my own elements within my design to make sure every piece of my final product is created by me, including things like logos, photos, and other aspects that create a good design project. When I first started school how I would use a lot of the other elements I was inspired by and professors have been encouraging me to create those elements myself and the more I begin to actually create those elements the better my resulting projects are.
b. Aforementioned in previous internship posts the The culture around my internship is a very laid back and relaxed live. And I believe they’ve trusted me and my supervisor with logos and icons of the timeout group. I haven’t signed any non-disclosures or confidentiality agreements. We just work together and keep each other accountable.

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