A Day In The Life

I’ve been learning a lot about the design and marketing team dynamic throughout this internship, which I’m very grateful for. For instance, I mentioned in a previous post, my design team is actually only one man and he’s working from the UK. Time out groups headquarters is in the UK, so technically me and the marketing manager are the ones who are different; working in the New York office. My degree concentration is in graphic design and my supervisor has worked his hardest in giving me assignments that pertain to my concentration with things like menus, upcoming photos that we need for posters the design of the physical poster and more assignments in that realm. There isn’t much clerical work that I’ve done yet. Typically I’ll come in and Arenn and I will start with real conversation. We talk about how our week has been since we last have seen each other. We talk about basketball and other interests that we collectively have and then we’ll get into what we will be working on for the day or the week.

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