Luckily my supervisor Arenn has truly become a mentor for me. The way he conducts himself in the work place and how he is actively trying to better himself and the people coming up behind him is commendable. His montra within his career is sincerely each one teach one, he feels he isn’t properly progressing in his career if he isn’t passing down the knowledge he’s received over the years to someone coming up behind him, and I appreciate that not only as a designer and entrepreneur but as a black man and a human being.

How We Work

There aren’t many people to collaborate with within the company except for Arenn or our design person in the UK. Our design person in the UK actually no longer works with us, so Arenn and I are the ones collectively working together. For a new menu that consisted of The Brooklyn beers reserve at the market. He helps me with the menu parameters and our market colors that we usually use within our menus so that my menu would match what we already have.

A Day In The Life

I’ve been learning a lot about the design and marketing team dynamic throughout this internship, which I’m very grateful for. For instance, I mentioned in a previous post, my design team is actually only one man and he’s working from the UK. Time out groups headquarters is in the UK, so technically me and the marketing manager are the ones who are different; working in the New York office. My degree concentration is in graphic design and my supervisor has worked his hardest in giving me assignments that pertain to my concentration with things like menus, upcoming photos that we need for posters the design of the physical poster and more assignments in that realm. There isn’t much clerical work that I’ve done yet. Typically I’ll come in and Arenn and I will start with real conversation. We talk about how our week has been since we last have seen each other. We talk about basketball and other interests that we collectively have and then we’ll get into what we will be working on for the day or the week.

Internship Intro

For my internship I’ll be working for timeout market. Timeout market is a very large company that most of us have heard of. Time out is a public company and If you were around at a certain time in New York City, you saw timeout magazine handing out there magazine throughout New York City. The company I am working with is an entity of that magazine where they put all the best restaurants of a city under one roof. My internship will of course be at time. I’m working New York but the time out market locations are expanding almost all the time. We have a location in Dubai, Lisbon, Toronto, Chicago, Miami, and Boston. Coming soon will be locations like Cape Town in Africa, Barcelona, Osaka Japan, and two more Canadian locations in Montreal and Vancouver. At the start of the time out group their main bread and butter was the magazines that they produced in different cities and now their taking that same premise and I’m sure their bulk of revenue is coming from these markets. At time of New York, the company’s customers seem to primarily be Taurus of New York who are in the Brooklyn area and are deciding to do something fun with their day, and some New Yorkers as well. The Timeout Group was founded in 1968 and the first Timeout market was opened in Lisbon in 2014 and Timeout market New York open the 2019. The area in which I’ll be working for my internship is the graphic design area. I’ll be working closely with the time out market New York marketing manager because our graphic design team of one person resides in the UK which is where the time out group headquarters actually is.